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Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit

Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit

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Monique Berenguer shared her experience using the Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit

"The only thing you need to know is that your tongue generates white hair and germs that lead to poor breath. My taste senses are significantly affected by my tongue's white hairs. This kit to remove white hairy tongue has actually changed my life. I had no idea tongues were that disgusting! I see effects right away after using it, such as less white patches on my tongue and improved breath."

The Canada BiolumaTM White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit get rid of the tongue's white hair and foul breath and prevent germs from multiplying in large numbers. The product contains a lot of probiotics, and additional ingredients are added to keep the mouth and tongue healthy.

What is White Hairy Tongue?

Hairy tongue is the common name given to a condition that causes your tongue to look “hairy". Hairy tongue results when the filiform papillae (FP) on your tongue do not shed as they should. FP are cone-shaped projections on the surface of your tongue. They’re usually about 1 millimeter (mm) long. Like skin cells, the cells on your tongue have a life cycle that allows them to grow, serve their purpose, and then fall off.

Clinically Proven

After observing that many of his own patients were searching for a secure, all-natural alternative to conventional therapies, our DMD inventor was motivated to develop Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit. For more than 8 years, the Canada Bioluma™White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit has successfully treated the white hairy and fissured tongue in hundreds of patients.

How does Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit Works?

A tongue brush and tongue gel are included in the Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit. The pH of the tongue may be instantly and continuously adjusted, eliminating the favorable circumstances for the growth of germs. Portable CPC antibacterial gel that fights odor-causing germs and removes white hairy tongue. instantly cleans tongue and leaves a clean mint flavor.

Throughout the day, the pH in your mouth changes depending on what you eat and drink, creating a special ecology in your mouth. If you consume acidic foods or beverages, your mouth's pH will decrease, and the opposite is also true. The Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit will help maintain a neutral pH on the tongue and scrape off the bacteria accumulation. All signs of having bad breath indicate to the existence of germs and an unstable pH level.

Brush is designed to effectively reach the back of the tongue where the majority of bad breath comes from. It's design helps to minimize the gag reflex which over time. Wide head & ergonomic handle means you can effectively reach the back of your tongue easily. You’ll comfortably brush every inch of your tongue, so you can be confident that your breath is completely fresh.

Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Gel contains oral probiotics, which are bacteria strains that support good oral health. This is also help to neutralize the causes of bad breathe. Bacteria exist naturally in the mouth, and oral probiotics aid in the growth of healthy bacteria. This aids in the prevention of some dental problems caused by excessive amounts of dangerous bacteria in the mouth, such as white hairy tongue and bad breathe.

The Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit is a must-have oral need that instantly freshens breath. Quickly makes your breath fresher and leaves a fresh mint flavor. The best treatment for bad breath is a good tongue scraper, which you should use every day to keep your breath fresh. Gain fresh breath without the burning that comes with alcohol and the sweet aftertaste.

Scientifically Made With All Natural Ingredients

  • Sorbose Extract - Natural remedy for treating bacterial. Specially for oral bacterias.
  • Mint Extract - Mint is especially oral-health friendly because it is naturally antimicrobial. 
  • Probiotics - people's mouths became less acidic and were acidic for a shorter time after eating. This means that there is a lower chance for that acid and fissured tongue build up.

What makes Canada Bioluma™ White Hairy Tongue Removal Kit Special?

  • Removes the white hairy tongue
  • Scrape off dirt and bacteria
  • Freshens your breath instantly
  • Ergonomic brush design has a double-sided non-slip handle
  • Multi-functional places such as home, office and travel
  • Support good oral health

Here are some customers reviews

"These are tongue scrapers, they work for what they are meant to do. They have a sturdy enough handle and work as designed. The Gel is also great minty flavor which i love! This is the best combo to remove those gunk on my tongue! I can now perfectly taste all the food that I'll eat." - Kristine Remill

"Not just from our teeth, but also from the tongue, we might have bad breath. This is the finest buy I've made so far, and I'm happy to have made it. For my nephew, who has terribly bad breath, I purchased this. His breath immediately gets better after a few days of using this. Because dental health is so crucial at his age, this is incredibly useful." - Mark Peters

3 Steps To Clean Tongue

  • Step1: Wet the tongue scraper and add the tongue paste/gel
  • Step2: Use the scraper of the tongue scraper to scrape 3-5 times from the inside to the outside.
  • Step3 :Rinse your mouth with water after brushing your tongue.

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